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Wednesday 03/05/2017

Join the Academy of Procurement for engaging workshops

As you may be aware Procurement Australia teamed up with Academy of Procurement in 2016 to provide its members a best-in-class learning experience ... at a fraction of the cost of market rates! Furthermore, some of you have now participated in the Procurement Skills Self-Assessment which is a complimentary membership benefit for Procurement Australia members. As a result of the assessment process, 5 key capability gaps were identified for our membership group and we have now selected 5 workshops to address these capability gaps. With our preferential pricing of $295+GST p/person per training day (using the discount code below), we trust that you will be able to schedule time to attend an important development event and learn how different organisations tackle the same challenges you face on a daily basis.

Discount Code: PA-VIP


Contract Management Essentials                                    Wednesday, 21st June

Drafting Specification and Offers                                    Wednesday, 19th July

Procurement Essentials                                                   Tuesday, 25th July

Developing Contract Outcomes
- Performance Based Approach
Monday, 18th September

Probity for Commercial Management                              Monday, 27th November

With the Academy of Procurement you can:

  • Attend an open workshop available publicly– see the calendar of events by clicking here. Courses are available throughout Brisbane (Queensland), Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Perth (WA) and occasional events in Auckland and Wellington (NZ).
  • Have a tailored workshop (or a tailored Academy) delivered at your place of work – read more by clicking here
  • Engage with a specialist government training – read more by clicking here
  • Gain access to the world’s best e-Learning program with over 250 procurement and contract management courses on offer.

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