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Wednesday 18/03/2015

1503/1019 Hardware, Plumbing, Cement Products and Herbicides

Please note that contract 1503/1019 Hardware, Plumbing, Cement Products and Herbicides’ 3 year principal period expires on 30 April, 2015.


Procurement Australia has exercised the first of two contract extension options available.

The new expiry date for this contract is 30 April 2016.


The current supplier panel remains unchanged, consists of the following suppliers and is operable in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia & Tasmania:

  • Bunnings Group Ltd

  • J Blackwood & Son Pty Ltd

  • Reece Pty Ltd 


If you would like more information please contact Andrew Dardaganis on 03 9810 8633 or adardaganis@paltd.com.au

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